Pintafish, a company in transformation

RSC Responsible Supply Chain


‘On to a sustainable sea with fishermen, processing companies and customers’


At Pintafish we strive to establish a sustainable chain. Sustainability, an over-used word, is not just the job of the fisherman, but also the responsibility of processing companies and customers. To make the right decision, clear and transparent communication is essential. Because of that, we insist on informing those involved as correctly as possible and on making this information accessible.

Swimming upriver, taking the hard way


‘Free trade and innovation are threatened’


To streamline the communication flow from and to the fisherman, direct purchasing is a must. The Belgian fish auction misuses its position to block a direct line to the fishermen, even though there is no law to hinder this line. For Pintafish and other direct suppliers and purchasers, this auction is a useless step that only increases costs. For RSC, every step in the chain should actually contribute to the product.


Behind every Pintafish product is a philosophy: a base without which we would not want to sell.




‘If you want it fresh by it frozen’


For several years Pintafish has worked on a logistics system to offer everything that the fishermen caught to its customers. In this system, nothing is wasted, and it also contributes effectively to a solution to overfishing!


In 2010, companies processed 450 tons of fish, purchased from the auction, in animal feed, because that fresh fish could not be sold. Over the past few years the amount has dropped a little, but it still concerns huge amounts of sustainable proteins, even though there are people who are starving and the sea is emptied.



The most important link


‘With your support we can realise that improvement’


Pintafish is supported by the ILVO (Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries Research) and the VLIZ (Flanders Marine Institute). Their scientific information is very important to us.

Pintafish also receives support from Natuurpunt, Climaxi and many other organisations, but the most important link that allows us to actually realise this project is you, the customer.

In September of 2016 Pintafish will be at Slow Food Turin, where Slow Fish works to achieve quality and experience.

In October Pintafish will be a part of a Fair Trade delegation at Nyeleni Romania. We work towards food sovereignty.


Pintafish, fair fish!

Bon appétit!