Pintafish products are available from various locations. For logistics, we use partners such as Voedselteams, Natural food stores and cooperatives, Natuurpunt members and Veeakker.





For more than 20 years Veeakker has had a butcher’s shop in Leuven. In 2009 the store moved from Zwartzusterstraat to Slachthuislaan 3a. The new location can be found close to the old place, but it has the big advantage of having a parking area underneath the building. For customers this parking area is free to use (follow the Aldi arrows). This store was started by the previous incarnation of Pintafish.



Tours / Delivery rounds (via


Our tours are delivery rounds, where we mainly deliver to private customers. Since the early beginnings of Veeakker, our products have been delivered throughout all of Flanders in this way. The dates of our delivery rounds are established in advance. Most rounds take place on Saturdays. Only the tour of Hasselt takes place on a Friday.

To be able to work practically and constantly, we use a four-week schedule in which every tour is driven every four weeks. If you order for a tour of Brabant, you can collect another order for the tour of Brabant four weeks later at the same location and at the same hour.

There are two types of tours: home deliveries and permanent stops. For home deliveries, orders are delivered to your house. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to come to us, but the disadvantage is that we cannot tell you exactly when we will be there. We will always be at permanent stops at the same hour and the same place, so you know exactly when we will be at the agreed location.


Orders for the tours are finished on Sunday night. The next Saturday we make the deliveries. An example: an order for the delivery round of Saturday 8 March has to reach us before Sunday 1 March.

You only pay when you collect the order. Due to minor deviations in weight, it is impossible to give a precise price in advance. You can pay with cash or with bank contact.

A list of tours, stops and hours can be found at the bottom of the page.





Throughout the entirety of Flanders we also deliver to natural foods stores and store cooperatives. In some stores you can also place orders. To gain more information about this, please consult the store itself, because they determine what they want to offer.





Veeakker-Pintafish also cooperates with the regional departments of Natuurpunt. We make special rounds in which the members of Natuurpunt can order Galloway meat and Pintafish fish. The income of these rounds largely ends up with the departments of Natuurpunt. The departments receive a percentage of the sales as support and as a reward for their promotional activities.

As an NP member you can order via the webshop of Veeakker:

Voedselteams food teams


With Veeakker as a supplier, fish from Pintafish is also delivered to Voedselteams food teams. For a food team, the depot should have a freezer, seeing how all fish is delivered directly from the freezer. To find out whether Pintafish is available in your food team, check the product list of your team to see if Pintafish can be ordered.


As a member of a food team you can order via the webshop of Voedselteams. For more info, see



An overview of retail points


At the bottom of the page you can find the legend of delivery frequency and product range.


Pintafish retail points:



Veeakker store (opening hours: Monday to Saturday, see the website)


- Leuven, Slachthuislaan 3a (016/20.62.38)


Veeakker retail points (tour of Brabant) (1)


- Erps-Kwerps

- Haacht

- Halle

- Meise

- Tervuren

- Vilvoorde


Veeakker retail points (tour of Limburg and Antwerpen) (1) 

- Aarschot

- Beringen

- Boom

- Brustem

- Diest

- Gierle

- Herentals

- Schelle

- Tienen

- Wilrijk

Afhaalpunten Veeakker (toer Hasselt) (1)

- Hasselt (Cultureel Centrum, Kunstlaan 5)

Afhaalpunten Veeakker (toer Limburg-Antwerpen) (1) 

Afhaalpunten Veeakker (toer Vlaanderen) (1)

- Aalst

- Gent (Dampoort)

- Gent (SMAK)

- Hamme

- Kortrijk

- Lochristi

- Oudenaarde

- Sint-Denijs-Westrem

- Sint Niklaas

- Tiegem

- Wetteren

- Zottegem

Afhaalpunten Natuurpunt (Regio Gent en omstreken) (3)

- Aalter

- Belsele

- De Pinte

- Eeklo

- Evergem

- Gent

- Lochristi

- Mariakerke

- Merelbeke

- Tielt

Afhaalpunten Natuurpunt (Regio Mechelen) (2)

- Mechelen

- Muizen

- Heindonk

Afhaalpunten Natuurpunt (Regio Vlaamse Ardennen) (3)

- Oudenaarde

- Ronse

- Zottegem

Natuurvoedingswinkels/Bioshops (regio Antwerpen) (1)


- Antwerpen (Het Natuurhuis) (a)

- Bornem (Bioshop Bornem) (a) (b)

- Deurne (Bioshop Regiform) (b)

- Herselt (Rozebotteltje) (b)

- Kontich (De Eko Winkel) (a) (b)

- Turnhout (Bioshop Turnhout) (a) (b)

- Turnhout (De Wieltjeshoeve) (a) (b)

- Westerlo (De Cruythoeck) (a) (b)

- Wilrijk (Bioshop BioNaomi) (b)

Natuurvoedingswinkels/Bioshops (regio Limburg) (1)

- Bilzen (De Waterbron) (a) (b)

- Genk (Natuurbakkerij Herteleer) (a) (b)

- Hasselt (Bioshop Biokruidenierke) (a) (b)

- Heusden-Zolder (Il Lume) (a) (b)

- Neerpelt (Bioshop Klimop) (a)

- Zonhoven (De Hoev) (a) (b)

- Zolder (Het Natuurhuisje) (a) (b)

Natuurvoedingswinkels/Bioshops (regio Oost-/West-Vlaanderen) (1)

- Bornem (Bioshop Bornem) (a) (b)

- Gent ('t Avontuur) (a) (b)

- Gent Sint Amandsberg

  (Bioshop Pimpernel) (a) (b)

- Horebeke (Gastvrije Aarde) (a) (b)

- Ninove (Bioshop Ninove) (a) (b)

- Oudenaarde

  (Bioshop De Zonnebloem) (b)

Natuurvoedingswinkels/Bioshops (regio Brussel) (1) 

- Schaarbeek (Metabolance) (a) (b)


Voedselteams Oost/West-Vlaanderen (5) (c)

- Aalter (VT Aalter)

- Beersel/Alsemberg (VT Beersel)

- Brakel (VT Brakel)

- Dilbeek (VT Dilbeek)

- Drongen (VT Drongen)

- Eeklo (VT Eeklo)

- Ekkergem (VT Ekkergem)

- Gent (VT Bloemekenswijk)

- Gent (VT De Grens)

- Gent (VT De Muide)

- Gent (VT Gent Rabot)

- Gent (VT Gent Rooigem)

- Gent (VT Gent Sint-Pieters)

- Gent (VT Jan van Gent)

- Gent (VT Macharius)

- Gent (VT Oostakker)

- Gent (VT Rabot)

- Gent (VT Rooigem)

- Gent (VT Rozebroeken)

- Gent (VT Sint Baafs)

- Gent (VT UZ Gent)

- Gentbrugge

  (VT Gentbrugge-De Vaart)

- Gentbrugge

  (VT Gentbrugge-Hazenakker)

- Gentbrugge

  (VT Ledeberg-Gentbrugge)

- Geraardsbergen (VT Geraardsbergen)

- Gooik (VT Gooik)

- Halle (VT Halle)

- Halle (VT Sint Rochus)

- Lochristi (VT Lochristi)

- Mariakerke (VT Mariakerke)

- Melle (VT Melle)

- Merelbeke (VT Flora)

- Merelbeke (VT Merelbeke)

- Moerbeke (VT Moerbeke)

- Oudenaarde (VT Oudenaarde)

- Ronse (VT Ronse)

- Sint Niklaas (VT Sint Niklaas)

- Sint Pauwels (VT Sint Pauwels)

- Vinderhoute (VT Vinderhoute)

- Waasmunster (VT Waasmunster)

- Zottegem (VT Zottegem (Zotrijk))

- Zwalm (VT Zwalm)


Voedselteams Oost/West-Vlaanderen (1) (c)

- Aalst (VT Aalst)

- Dendermonde (VT Dendermonde)

- Ieper (VT Ieper)

- Izegem (VT Izegem)

- Kortrijk (VT Kortrijk)

- Laarne (VT Laarne)

- Lebbeke (VT Lebbeke)

- Ledeberg (VT Ledebrugge)

- Ledegem (VT Dadizele)

- Lippelo (VT Sint Amands)

- Opwijk (VT Opwijk)

- Poperinge (VT Poperinge)

- Wevelgem (VT Wevelgem)

- Zele (VT Zele)

Voedselteams Vlaams-Brabant (4) (c)

- Aarschot (VT CC Aarschot)

- Bierbeek (VT Bierbeek)

- Gelrode (VT Gelrode)

- Haasrode (VT Haasrode)

- Herent (VT Herent Doren)

- Heverlee (VT Heverlee)

- Holsbeek (VT Kortrijk Dutsel)

- Houwaart (VT Houwaart)

- Kessel-Lo (VT Boven Lo)

- Kessel-Lo (VT Kessel-Lo)

- Korbeek-Lo (VT Korbeek-Lo)

- Kortenberg (VT Kortenberg Abdij)

- Kortrijk-Dutsel (VT Kortrijk-Dutsel)

- Tielt-Winge (VT Tielt Brabant)

- Laakdal (VT Laakdal)

- Neervelp (VT Neervelp)

- Tielt (VT Tielt Brabant)

- Wakkerzeel (VT Wakkerzeel)

- Wilsele (VT Hoogveld)

- Wilsele (VT Wilsele Dorp)

- Wilsele (Wilsele-Putkapel)

Voedselteams Antwerpen (1) (c)

- Antwerpen (VT Antwerpen Zuid)

- Antwerpen (VT Zurenborg)

- Borgerhout (VT Borgerhout)

- Edegem (VT Edegem)

- Hoboken (VT Hoboken-Geneeskunde voor het volk)

- Lier (VT Spiegelfabriek)

- Mortsel (VT Mortsel)

- Olen (VT Olen)

- Turnhout (VT Turnhout)

- Turnhout (VT Turnhout Warande)

- Wommelgem (VT Wommelgem)





(1) maandelijkse levering

(2) 2-maandelijkse levering

(3) 3-maandelijkse levering

(4) wekelijkse levering

(5) 2-wekelijkse levering

(a) aanbod op afhaalpunt zelf

(b) bestellingen via webwinkel Veeakker

(c) aanbod op afhaalpunt zelf is alleen vis




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